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Fun with Physics

When you first step foot in our science center, you’ll be greeted by some of our most hands-on exhibits that should please both the young and young at heart.

Earth: Pole to Pole

Rock, wind, and water shape this Earth and the life on it. See how the geology and climate of a region impact the life that lives there.

Electrifying Energy

Where does our energy come from? In El Paso, the answer(s) may surprise you. In this electrifying room, visitors will find their curiosity ‘sparked’ thanks to the boldness of Tesla.

Tales told by Trees

Have you ever wondered how old a tree is?   Come study a cross-section of our largest tree, and see what you can read ‘between the lines.’

Space and Space Exploration

Today’s students may be the astronauts of the future. Learn about the inspiring career of a pioneering El Pasoan who has visited the space station, journey through our Solar System, and imagine what space discoveries lurk just around the corner.

Young Scientist at Work

Cultivating tomorrow’s critical thinkers starts with the type of play we do today. Parents and children can indulge their curiosity and spark their imaginations in our classroom geared toward the youngest learners

Science of Natural Disasters

In El Paso, we do not have to prepare for many of Mother Nature’s feats… or do we? Learn about natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, Tornado’s, Volcanos and Floods as we consider the growing impact of these natural events and how we as human can build our resiliency to their effects.

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New Science Facility!

With the demolition of our previous location, the Insights Science Center of El Paso (formerly the Insights Science Museum) has moved to the old Alamo Elementary building and re-opened its doors on June 15th, 2015.