Our Mission
“Insights El Paso Science Center promotes science education

through exploratory, interactive learning experiences for all ages.”


Our Vision
“As an evolving resource to the community, we inspire curiosity for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and promote innovative, collaborative, and cross-disciplinary thinking.”


INSIGHTS El Paso Science Center, Inc. (Insights) first opened its doors in 1980 using donated space in the basement of El Paso Electric Company. Thanks to the Junior League of El Paso and other community leaders, a full, hands-on science center “museum” was identified as critical for the future development of our region’s youth. In 1993, Insights moved into a 14,000 square foot building in the heart of downtown El Paso.   There, the collection expanded to include a stargazing observatory on the roof, a historic clock tower, a large Tesla Coil, and of course, the myriad of interactive exhibits for the public to explore. Insights also hosted many traveling exhibitions including dinosaur cast replicas, Dinosaurs Alive, Sherlock Holmes, Titanic, NASA and more.

During Insights’ 30 years on Sante Fe Street, it was the only not-for-profit hands-on science and technology center in a 250-mile radius, and served upwards of 33,000 students, parents, and educators each year. In 2013, to make way for the new Chihuahua’s Baseball Stadium, Insights relocated and is now working toward a bigger and better science center on the horizon. Thanks to the generosity of El Paso Independent School District (EPISD), and innovative partnership was struck between Insights and EPISD to host the science center at the old Alamo School building which has been sitting vacant for years.

The Insights board, staff and volunteers are working feverishly to open the doors at 521 Tays Street. We will continue to capitalize on this unique geographic and demographic setting to demystify STEM content, promote interest, and support scientific literacy – catering to the educational, multicultural, military, and agricultural communities in the region. In doing so, we will bring back some iconic Insights exhibits while constructing new exhibitry to bring STEM subjects to life in bold new ways. Once open, our organization will continue to build our resources, programs and capacity to serve the city of El Paso as the science center it deserves.