Meet the Staff

Mandy Kirchgessner, Ed.D. – Executive Director

  • Mandy joined Insights in December 2014. As a recent arrival to El Paso, Mandy was excited to hear the stories about Insights as she was looking for a place to take her children to learn. As a recent graduate with her Doctorate in Math and Science Education, Mandy has spent many years working at informal education facilities and studying museum education around the country. Her passion for learning and inspiring curiosity in others makes her a fitting candidate to direct the reopening of the science center. Mandy is devoted to bringing Insights to the public as a stimulating, thoughtful, and growing resource for people in the greater Paseo del Norte region

Lulu Ramirez – Sale Manager

  • Lulu started volunteering for Insights in March of 1999 as a Dinosaur tour guide providing tours in both English and Spanish, translating information, and as a muralist for different exhibits.
    Experience and a heartfelt passion for working with kids made me a permanent tour guide for different traveling exhibits. One thing Lulu enjoys most, (besides Nikola Tesla and Dinosaurs) is astronomy.

Delia Ramos – Administrative Assistant and Exhibits Interpreter

  • Delia started with Insights in July of 2014 as a volunteer who helped sift through the office documents and reorganize files. Having vacated the previous location so swiftly, Insights was in need of Delia’s devotion to getting the office back in shape! As a result of her hard work and the diverse skills that Delia demonstrated during this time, she came aboard as the main staff member to operate Bassett Place Mall’s pop up dinosaur exhibit in November.   Delia now is the office taskmaster and will once again put her educational skills to use when we reopen.

Scott Anderson – Presenter

  • Scott joined Insights in February 2015 because his enduring enthusiasm for youth and the universe compel him to continue inspiring others to explore the mysteries of space. Scott has worked in a variety of STEM-related careers to include eight years with the Forest Service and the Arizona State Department of Energy. After 25 years in grade school classrooms, Scott is not taking retirement sitting down. He is helping to restore and construct exhibits prior to opening, and will be joining our team of program instructors this summer.

Catherine Tabor – Interpretive Manager

  • Catherine is a graduate of the Evergreen State College and the University of Texas at El Paso. Catherine specializes in creating interactive STEM based lessons, demonstrations, and exhibits.

Key Volunteers

Leti Ortiz – Marketing and PR

  • Leti serves 13 years in the U.S. Army and most recently finished her military career as the Public Affairs officer for 11th ADA Brigade Headquarters here in El Paso. Now working toward her third undergraduate degree in Art and Graphic Design, Leti is a witty, knowledgeable and creative force that helps promote our organization through print, electronic and media outlets.